Protection of Consumer Personal Data

In order to proceed with the registration, transmit an order, and then conclude the purchase contract in accordance with these Conditions of Sale, the Consumer is required to provide certain personal data through the e-commerce section of the Site. The Consumer hereby acknowledges that the personal data provided by the Consumer will be processed by the Seller and, if strictly necessary, and the Privacy Notice, for the purposes of performance of each purchase contract and, subject to the Consumer’s prior consent (if required by the Privacy Code), for any other purposes indicated in the Privacy Notice provided to the Consumer through the e-commerce section of the Site during the registration and/or transmission of the order.

The Consumer hereby declares and warrants that in providing personal data to the Seller during the registration and purchase process the Consumer shall comply with all applicable laws and regulations, notably by providing true and correct data and the Consumer shall be responsible for the usage of data and/or information that are false, incorrect and/or concerning third parties without their consent.

The Consumer is entitled, at any time, to update and/or amend the personal data provided to the Seller through the “My Account” section on the Site, which can be accessed after logging in.